Sunday, 20 September 2009

600 Council staff to relocate to bay town centre

Oh yippee, yet another fantastic idea to 'boost' the economy of Colwyn Bay. Ok, lets think this through logically- there's no where to park...what shall we do- 'I know! Lets close the civic offices, turn them into a hotel and then stick all the workers in the town centre, yes that will help to ease the parking issues!'

Of course, in principle- the proposed move will of course boost footfall as people clamber to queue up in the post office, (oh no i forgot there isn't one) I mean Spar, to pay their bills at lunch time. And how could they resist the tempting food of... Spar?

I wouldn't mind if there were actually shops in the Bay to start with, but there aren't. Woolworths is gone, they could always rush during their lunch hour to buy some 'quality recycled clothing' from one of a myriad of charity shops.

Conwy Council GET REAL!

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