Sunday, 20 September 2009

600 Council staff to relocate to bay town centre

Oh yippee, yet another fantastic idea to 'boost' the economy of Colwyn Bay. Ok, lets think this through logically- there's no where to park...what shall we do- 'I know! Lets close the civic offices, turn them into a hotel and then stick all the workers in the town centre, yes that will help to ease the parking issues!'

Of course, in principle- the proposed move will of course boost footfall as people clamber to queue up in the post office, (oh no i forgot there isn't one) I mean Spar, to pay their bills at lunch time. And how could they resist the tempting food of... Spar?

I wouldn't mind if there were actually shops in the Bay to start with, but there aren't. Woolworths is gone, they could always rush during their lunch hour to buy some 'quality recycled clothing' from one of a myriad of charity shops.

Conwy Council GET REAL!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Colwyn Bay’s pier attracts interest from investors

Colwyn Bay’s pier attracts interest from investors

INVESTORS are lining up to buy Colwyn Bay’s Victoria Pier, the Weekly News can reveal.

Administrators for the landmark structure have confirmed they’ve received expressions of interest from potential buyers.

The pier is currently in the hands of Manchester-based creditor Royce Peeling Green (RPC), who are managing owner Steve Hunt’s assets.

Mr Hunt was declared bankrupt in July of last year and is battling to take back control of the pier. He is seeking to have the bankruptcy annulled.

Maybe, just maybe, one of these days Mr Hunt will allow the people of Colwyn Bay to have one of their landmarks made good. As long as he continues with his pointless effort to have his Bankruptcy annulled, we have to stare at a few million pounds worth of scrap metal, jutting out into our clear blue waters. Ok maybe the last part is rather exaggerated ;)

But honestly, Mr Hunt, please just accept your fate and let the pier get investment. Before someone gets hurt or killed by it! You had your chance!

The Bay of Colwyn, and what is going wrong there...

Colwyn Bay. I grew up there. I moved away from there as soon as I was able to.

It gets a lot of bad press from people. Funnily enough mainly the people who live there! I'm not going to bore you with tales of how good it used to be and how rubbish it is now- but there is a reason why they call it brown town.

As I said. I grew up in the place, but I had such a sheltered upbringing- I didn't realise how bad things were until much later. If fact when I met someone who introduced me to the Colwyn Bay drugs scene, I was shocked, I had never been put in such a position before, where there were people all around me smoking cannabis almost constantly- and taking a lot worse. Ecstacy, cocaine, you name it- in fact- there was a local drugs delivery service!

The people who came to that house, which was in the vicinity of west end in Colwyn Bay was unreal, almost surreal! It was literally all day every day, smoke, smoke, smoke. Why didn't I tell the police I hear you ask!? Because my friends, I had a choice, and I decided not to be swayed by the pressure I felt to join in. I didn't feel that if I told anyone that anything would be done. And who would get into trouble? These people who were taking drugs in their home, apparently to block out the pressure of life itself? Or the dealers? Me telling the police wouldn't have achieved anything. But one thing it did achieve was to enlighten me about this 'underworld' which existed and which I had never known about! How naive I had been.

People will get hold of drugs, despite the decisions people in power make regarding classification. You take a dealer off the street, another will take their place. It is not addressing the problem. The police mess around with classes for drugs, fact is they should all be illegal- if you don't need them for pain relief you shouldn't have them, end of. But this is the problem, it's people in power addressing 'issues' just to cause controversy (Richard Brunstrom- former Police Constable of North Wales Police) or comment on things to make themselves look good for their own gain (Councillor Carlisle- Conwy County Borough Council)

In fact, on the subject of councilwomen Carlisle, her own son is part of the problems she professes to be sorting out in Old Colwyn. Will Carlisle, he attacks people, causes mindless vandalism, is just a general waste of space, and yet, his mother is allowed to be on the local council! How does that work? I ask myself. Yes she basically gets paid around 11,000 pounds per year (plus expenses of around 1000 just for travel!) to do what? Support one of the biggest criminals in the area- her own son! It's a joke.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things that are good about Colwyn Bay, but it seems to me that most of those stem from when people take a genuine interest in the area, and actually want to help and sort things out- but out of the limelight! It doesn't help when politicians come out of their hidey holes once a year before an election, or post in the local paper about something which is quite obviously a publicity stunt.

Get pointless people out of the council! Who comes up with some of the ideas we are faced with- does anyone have any common sense!?!? ANYONE!?